Friday, March 13, 2009

Subscibing to this blog

Subscribing to this blog is quick, easy, and free - if you are a subscriber you can automatically view new postings. If you use the Google or Yahoo blog reader, you probably already know how to do this. If you use Internet Explorer 7 here is how to do it..

First click on Tools, then Internet Options, then Content, then Feeds-Settings.If you do not have any "feeds" (blog subsciptions), you need to set one up. Make sure the "Turn on Feed reading view" box is checked. The frequency and sound boxes settings are your choice.

Next, go to this URL in Internet Explorer -- You should now be looking at the blog as an "RSS Feed". Look for and click on the link in the top section "Subscibe To This Feed". In the popup window you can rename if you want - click ob the Subscibe button. You should get a message back that you were successful.

You can now use RSS Feeds - click on the "View My Feeds Link" -- the Favorites Center will open with Hoimasons as the only entry in your list. You can add other blogs later.

When you want to see the updated blog at any time click on the yellow star in the upper left hand corner
( It opens the Favorites Center window.) then Feeds to select the blog and the current contents.

Note - if you use Mozilla Thunderbird to get email, you can get blogs in email format. I could not find an equivalent feature in Outlook 2003

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