Thursday, April 9, 2009

Work in Progress List from Grand Master

Due to the increased amount of unfinished work in many parts of the state, I feel actions need to be taken to help solve this problem. We can not afford to lose prospective members because some lodges cannot possibly complete all of the degrees for the large number of candidates waiting to advance. Also, some lodges are unwilling or unable to teach the candidates what is necessary to move them through the degrees in a timely manner. There are many factors that have caused the list of unfinished work to grow. It is time to turn this around. We need to take steps that will allow these candidates to fulfill the wish they had when they turned in their petitions, that of becoming a Master Mason.


As you are aware, on June 6th, 2009 we will host a Grand Master’s class in five locations around the state. We will confer the 2nd and 3rd degrees.  This is not designed so much for new candidates, but more to assist you in moving candidates that may not be advancing because of work schedules, family matters, or other time restraints. To receive degrees in this class, the candidate must have received his 1st degree and have passed his catechism before May 1st, 2009. Attached you will find a list of the unfinished work for your lodge. My suggestion for you is to contact each person on the list who has received his 1st degree and has not advanced recently and make every effort to convince him to take advantage of this opportunity to complete his degrees in one day. If you have questions concerning this class, please contact your DDGM or the Grand Secretary’s office.


To take my actions one step further, any lodge with a large amount of unfinished work that is not actively attempting to move their candidates through the degrees in a timely manner will be “strongly encouraged” by the Grand Master to host a Blue Lightning event in the near future to prevent these candidates from losing interest and walking away from us. It is our goal to keep the unfinished work list down to only current and recent candidates with no man waiting more than six months to complete his degrees. We offer as much help as we can, and now it is up to you, as lodge members, to direct some real effort into making each candidate a Master Mason as soon as possible. Please help me in this undertaking.


In accordance with code #199, at the first stated meeting following its receipt, read this communication in open Lodge and enter it at length upon the records of the Lodge.


Daniel C. Yandel

Grand Master


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